Rockstar energy Uproar Festival. My truth.

ROCKSTAR has a good many recipients for its charitable funds!! That is the most important point I need to make here.

After reading a review of the Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival show at Calgary Saddledome (28th Sept 2011) in The Calgary Herald by Mike Bell, I changed the format of what I was going to write quite significantly.

This is now more in the way of  a debate type comeback to Mr Bells opinionated rant.

In no order of any kind I will address the opinions and ‘review’ of this so called ‘Music writer’ and see if the differences of opinion are justified.

The first point I have to make is this. Seether are as tight on stage with one guitarist as they were with two. They still get ample airplay (in the Edmonton area at least), they are still popular and not in the slightest bit pretentious or arrogant on stage. The whole audience in Rexall Place (apart from me, I sat because I am ill right now and I was really tired) stood for their entire set and they got a rapture in the way of an applause. So then they should give it up?

I am wrong in thinking that REM just announced they were calling it a day and everyone wept into their corn flakes, even though they haven’t done anything to speak of since at least 2008? Am I making a point?

If you’ve got it, flaunt it, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it? Seether you rocked Rexall, keep it coming.

Bullet for my Valentine, while tight musically, brought visions of Kerry King and Bruce Dickinson’s love child wearing Dad’s 1989 jeans and attempting to achieve a brain hemorrhage quicker than their mate!

They held a captive audience right from the first thrash riddled chord and had the place rocking through the whole set and that is the point is it not? Just because they are not to my particular taste doesn’t mean 5,000 other people should agree with me. I lived through NWOBHM the first time around and it didn’t really do it for me the first time around, but each to their own!

I’m not going to say anything much about Avenged Sevenfold (as I left after the second song due to feeling like crap) because I am not a fan so to speak, I have never really listened to them and I didn’t buy their Tee shirt.  If the audience that have paid to see the show are a captive audience then you are doing something right. The set was just the right amount of rock meets gothic horror and the sound quality was terrific. I saw more ‘Avenged’ shirts yesterday than anything else, so the crowd knew what they wanted and responded when they got it! The pyro I saw was not OTT and fit right in with the genre and songs being delivered.

I want to touch on Mr Bells review of Art of Dying. What a total crock of shit.

Sir, do your research in the future. This band has toured tirelessly for the past six years. Two of the band members are affiliated with Thorny Bleeder Records, a Vancouver based company giving new and up coming bands a leg up and priceless information on how to market, record and integrate into the music scene and another two members were previously with Thornley.

Recently AOD were chosen to have a song used as part of the soundtrack for the 3rd Transformers movie and they also had the same track (Get thru this) used by WWE.

Lyrically they make sense and write meaningful, life changing songs and they know how to connect with an audience, even from a distance!

Of course that would make them comparable to 80’s ‘hair band’  Poison (have you seen Jeff Browns hair?it’s shrinking!…he is the Drummer just in case you didn’t know his name) who sang songs like “”Talk Dirty to me” and “Look what the cat dragged in”.

“Get thru this” was written by Jonny (lead vocals/lyrics) when he found out that his Dad had cancer. It’s not really on the same level, now is it?

I think you should listen to “You don’t know me” (also an AOD song)and re-evaluate your review!

As for the ‘Uproar’ ladies being “skanky”….. are you serious.

These ladies tolerate so much horse poop on a daily basis that they should be awarded medals. They brave the weather in short skirts and high heels, often for a 10 hour day,  they continue to smile while an ever increasingly drunk male portion of the audience drop suggestive innuendos and smarmy remarks on an increasingly insulting level with each mouthful of lager consumed, they look nice all the time and they motivate the crowd in quiet periods.

Not only that, they can hold a conversation and they are genuine friendly people.

As for the title of Miss Uproar. Why should the ladies not enjoy a little healthy competition to break up the day and as for Jonny and Tavis (AOD have names, strange that) judging it, good for them, bully for you. They were no doubt chosen to judge because they also look good on stage and they have personalities which afford them the luxury of hanging with hot looking chicks.  Believe it or not the ladies enjoy looking at hot men too, especially hot men who have a sense of humor and possibly irony,  it rolls both ways!

I am not going to get too deeply into the ‘Fozzy’ debate. My opinion is Chris Jerico seems to be a nice guy. He is multi talented (I have seen him host TV shows, I have watched him wrestle) and he has nice teeth. His band had an audience of 400 or so and the line up for the meet and greet afterward was a good size. The band were polite and posed for pics. For someone with his level of fame that is something in itself.

I only heard Fozzy from a distance and they were in tune and getting applause. Like I said before, that is what it’s all about at the end of the day.

Did I mention that the outdoor show did not require tickets (YES, it was FREE), Rockstar were supplying drinks for 1c and there was NO trouble. This was an all ages show and there were a good many ‘family’ groups in the crowd.

The show was advertised at least three months in advance. That gave the working rock fan a decent amount of time to book a holiday or family day or even to prep for a ‘sick day’ if needed. Real music fans will do whatever it takes to see decent, hardworking and fan oriented bands.

Hell or Highwater  (Jaegermiester stage) were a total surprise to me. After only eight months together they delivered a tight set. They were not ‘pretty boys’ and they reminded me that it is so important to never judge a book by its cover. I am sure these guys will become a more frequent date on Canadian calendars.

I apologise to those bands that I have not mentioned. You all provided an excellent day for the Edmonton rock audience and we appreciate that. We know that quite a number of you still have to ‘roadie’ your own equipment, you leave your families at home for long periods to go out on the road and make a name for yourself, you live in the back of a van/bus and you eat unwashed fruit out of dirty cups (that still makes me feel a little ill)

Thank you. We, the rock fans really do, from the bottom of our hearts appreciate the sacrifices that you make. You do what you do because you love it and we in turn love you for it!  I met a family that had driven for 10 hours yesterday. Dad just wanted to get his custom ‘Fozzy’ guitar signed. That is the definition of a true music fan. He achieved his wish and hung out for the rest of the show. He would have been quite happy just to drive home again.

In closing, I want to say that ‘Three Days Grace’ can do no wrong. These guys rocked the crowd for the entire set. A mix of loud, catchy and life related songs worked Rexall well for these popular Canadian boys. The impromptu ‘rave’ showing that Adam Gontier and fellow TDG band mates know how to work an audience and can keep a show happening no matter what life (or the audience) throws at them!

I look forward to the return of the Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival, its ladies and the musicians that give their everything to deliver a show for the music lover. FUCK YOU CYNICS!


Mike Bell, Music Writer,Calgary Herald! Uproar…. there should be!

Dude. At least make it humorous.

This is just plain derogatory, nasty and biased Bullshit!

What makes it worse is the jealous tone! Did your Jnr high band dump you for a guitarist that could play and had a personality?

I hear that therapy helps!

My version next!

Spinning. Not so good for your health?


This is what happens after someone has spun you around too quickly!

I kid you not.


In this picture Mr Burns, perfectly gorgeous specimen of ‘Blokeness’ is asking us to spin him around.

He spins and comes out looking like Joan Rivers and the ‘cat lady’ have fused in Jeff Goldblum’s funky fly machine!

Of course back in the 80’s Mr Burn’s was perfect so it seems only natural that he would want to inject his face with fillers and have multiple surgeries that would result in him looking like an acid bomb had exploded right in front of his face.

Thank god you can sing and your hair looks nice!

Born Villian


Marilyn Manson used to be what a lot of mainstream gimps would refer to a “shock rocker”. I would disagree with that at this point in time and call him staid and boring.

When the shooting in Columbine happened and people were looking for someone or something to blame, they pointed the finger at this guy and he had a lot of very interesting, smart and sensible things to say in his defence and in general.

At this point in time it seems to me that he is clutching at straws. With all the uprising in the Middle East, torture and atrocity as a nightly story on CNN make S&M pale in comparison.

Amputees are war heroes, scarifications and body modification is an art form and the older ladies in the video needed a haircut, it renewed their outward spirit!

There was a younger girl in this video who did have a lovely pair of breasts and while paedophiles sicken me, it was quite obvious that the string would be added to the bow right from the offset.

On the upside Manson looked like he may have a had a good solid meal for once.

Make a video where you walk along the beach kicking a ball, at least that way people will notice the music…I didn’t this time!

Adam Ant.

Stuart Leslie Goddard. Short sighted, not real tall and starting to thin out on top!

This guy changed his name to a word that was written in a lavatory. It turned him into a sex god!

In 1977 a 23-year-old ‘Adam’ appeared in Punk film, “Jubilee” alongside Jordan and Toyah Wilcox.

Adam and the Ants also performed in the movie.

With singles such as ‘Young Parisiens’ and ‘ Zerox’ not catching the attention of the mainstream music lover, their first album “Dirk wears white sox” was not nearly as big of a hit as the second album “Kings of the Wild frontier”.

A little less Punk and a lot more ‘New Wave’, Mr Ant and his new line up (the first band having been sequestered by Malcom McLaren for BowWowWow) captured the attention of the teenage girl of the time and started pumping out hits like ‘Dog eat Dog’, ‘Stand and Deliver’ and ‘Ant Music’.

A life long sufferer of mental health issues, Mr Ant has been a lot more ‘absent’ than ‘present’ in the music world in the past 20 years than he could have been. A shame, as every teenage girl deserves to have a “Prince Charming’ in her life!

I am pleased to announce that Adam recently completed a tour and my sources tell me and was hotter than hell!

I’ll gladly give this roadside thief everything I own! After all, he already took a lot of my time back in the early 80’s!

No-one names their kid Flea!

For pity’s sake. It’s almost as bad as calling your kid Peaches or Apple!

It is fitting though. After all, Mr Micheal Balzary is a jumpy little sucker. He plays a mean Bass too and his Trumpet skills are not half bad either if you take the time to have a listen!

It’s a real pity that throughout his adult music career that he has been surrounded by other very extremely talented musical types, all on a mission to self implode!

I name but a few in Hillel, Anthony and John!

At least one of the above fared not well, the other two while still alive, really had to work on it!

On September 24th 1991 my Mom turned 46.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, on the very same day (nothing to do what so ever with my Moms birthday) released Blood, Sugar,Sex, Magik.

Produced by bearded metal heavyweight (could be heavy, metal weight, take it as you will) Rick Rubin, this sexed up, funky, high has since gone multi platinum in the US alone. It is a buggeringly good listen, so little wonder really! The making of the album!

I will never for the life of me figure out how Anthony Kiedis does that thing with his voice on “Give it away”. I’m just glad he can. He can “Suck my Kiss” anytime he wants too! I’d prefer it was not “Under the bridge” though, that is where the bodies always show up on “The first 48”!!

Nirvana realeased an album the same day. Some say it was quite good too!

Sigue Sigue Sputnik

I will always have the utmost respect for a fella that puts his hair on attached to a pair of ripped fish nets (Bret Micheals pay attention at the back), however some of that respect disappears just as quickly as it appeared when said same bloke admits to poking Janet Street Porter.

I will not take too much time explaining JSP, other than to say she is an English journalist with big teeth and even bigger glasses!

Tony James already had plenty of ‘street’ cred as a member of Generation X (Billy Idol/aka William Broad’s old band) when he formed SSS with Martin Degville.

Love Missile F1-11 was a ‘Sputnik’ song that for a ‘fantasy band’ excelled itself and hit #3 in the UK Top 40. Sadly no other Sputnick sounds made it higher than #20!

Magenta Devine can afford herself a sly smile!