Taime Downe

ANY time any place

What a wonderful chap Taime is. What a fabulous name, great hair and fabulous in bed too by all accounts (if not only his own!)

Faster Pussycat were the support for Gun’s n Roses the first time I saw them. Rock City, Nottingham, England was the venue. I was hooked the very moment the dude opened his mouth..

With songs like Babylon and Bathroom Wall, Mr Downe was from the very begining of time going to be an icon. Even now as a chubbier less well groomed version of his former rock godliness, he just ‘has it’.

Brent Muscat and Greg Steele although beautiful, were just never in the same league as their Front man!

Currently on tour in the UK and wooing a cluster of aging rock chicks, along with a thinner less slutty gaggle, they are brushing the cobwebs off 1988 and no doubt leading the path to dirty public sex.

Of course, these boys were raised on the grimy club scene of Sunset Strip with the likes of Motlëy Cruë and LA Guns, so nothing changes in that respect.

Don’t change that song and pull those handcuffs tighter!


Frog Chorus!


I LOVE The Beatles. However, that does not mean that I have to be a fan of Sir Paul McCartney. He was never my favorite and I still have no affection what ever for the man.

I do not deny that his songwriting skills are/were anything less than genius, they are. At least for the most part.

Frog Chorus however, is annoying, ridiculous and even makes the animated animals look stupid! While the musicians deliver perfectly and in keeping with the song and the message it delivers, it does not detract from the fact that the lyrics are three lines in total and so basic that a five-year old could have written them!

I know the animation is intended for children, but to be honest, it is inevitable that I would have eventually looked for any reason to vent my dislike of Sir Paul. I may as well get it over with here and now!

To have the knowledge that he fucked up at least (maybe only) once musically, is all I need to have my little dig today.

Thank you for listening. You do not have to agree!



LA Guns…Philip Lewis or Tracii Guns?

Which LA Guns version do you prefer?


I prefer the original version! Of course without Tracii Guns it is a little odd, the band was named after him at the onset, but I guess it’s always all about the singer.

The fact that there are currently two versions of the same band running around, touting their wares is a little odd.

But, just as John Corabi couldn’t replace the vocals of Vince Neil in Motley Crue by the same token Phil Lewis has the LA Guns sound. Anyone can play an instrument, right? Not every one can pull off Ballad of Jayne on their vocal chords though!

I don’t know whether the English accent (Mr Lewis is a Brit) is key, but I’m gonna hold on to the fact that I think it helps! The fact that he was hellishly beautiful in the 80’s never did him any harm either!

What I am absolutely certain of, is that the bad hair pieces and dreadful YouTube interviews are not great for anyones image, but hey, that’s Rock n Roll!!

Every two years!

Every two years!

So I’ll see you somewhere in 2013! There might be another record on the horizon by then!

Mum slams music lifestyle of grown up daughter! Get over it lady!


My (very recently turned) 12-year-old announced that she would like a mohawk several weeks ago. Now, while I have retarded the growth of that idea for a time, I have no doubt it will rear its ugly head again before too long.

Right now everything is “because Grunge”. It’s a little irritating when the reason for not brushing ones hair and attempting to leave for school in the AM with a rat nest at the base of your neck is “because Grunge”, or the fact that you don’t make your bed, do the dishes or put away your clothes. All “because Grunge”.

I feel that while ‘Grunge’ is being taken advantage of here, my Daughter is merely trying to express her love for music in whatever form she is able at this point. (Failing the haircut, we may opt for blue hair?) This takes us as far as requests for trips to thrift stores for “flannel” clothing items in order that we are able to replicate the look of a young ‘Vedder’ or ‘Cobain’.

It has been 3 years since I saw my beautiful girl wear much other than skate shoes, hoodies, band Tees and jeans or oversized boys shorts. It drives me crazy, but she is (always has been) passionate about everything. She is a talented musician and the self-expression doesn’t end in her ability to play, it continues into her look, her opinion and her peer group. It is her lifestyle and as a person that shares the love (although not the talent to play) of music and as a person who was once pierced and coloured, back combed and crimped her hair, wore ridiculous amounts of make-up and worshipped men with longer hair and a penchant for tight lycra and nail polish, I know the look will probably not last, but the love for music will remain, probably grow and evolve into something spectacular. This child has headphones attached 24/7!

Lady, if all you have to show for your time on earth is a love of Delia Smith recipes (however great her Beef Wellington may be) and an ability to press a perfect line into the front of your beige cargo pants, maybe you should turn on the radio or attend the next Metallica gig. Loosen up and shake your booty.

I took my Mom to a Def Leppard gig at the age of 46 (ish). The first time ever that she had been to a live gig and she was hooked. She didn’t pass judgement on the way people looked, she didn’t turn into a monster and she made a great many friends.

The term, “don’t judge a book by its cover” is absolutely the right thing for me to say right now. I have endured the looks and the comments, my friends have endured beatings and abuse, but it did not deter us, it made us stronger, better people. It allowed us a voice and an opinion, it made us respect others in their thoughts and opinions and it provided us with strong bonds of friendship for life. That to me does not seem to be a bad result.

Live a little and judge others less! If a persons look and attitude, desire and interest is having no adverse effect on others, then where is the harm.

Canadian radio play rules….

Let me prise open the floodgates here. I listen to the radio ALL the time. I like the banter. I would also like the music more if there were not certain restrictions in place.  I make no bones about the fact that I am really not a fan of The Tragically Hip. Of course my local ‘rock’ radio plays them often because they are Canadian.

M.usic A.rtist P.erformance L.yrics states that 30% of music played over the ‘air’ should be Canadian in production from at least one of the previous categories.

The only issue I have with this is that it results in an awful lot of repetitive music and can become extremely limiting. I am primarily a rock music listener. Therefore I listen to a ‘rock’ music channel 100.3fm Thebearrocks.com

This is a cool station, it has great competitions, awesome jocks and it is a little risqué. Just my thing. What is not my thing is the constant repeats of Thornley, Nickleback, The Tragically Hip, Neil Young and Our Lady Peace.

The world is a BIG place. Play the music that the people want to hear. Of course I am a little biased with Canadian bands as far as Bleeker Ridge, Art of Dying and Three Days Grace, but you can often have too much of a good thing and just to repeat for repetions sake is just not good for the soul!

Play ROCK music. With all of its different Genres and sub genres from the world over,  it gives you SO much to chew on and it stops it getting stale. I agree that we need to support our home-grown artists, but we should have access to other music which will enrich and help us grow as listeners too.

PLUS it will stop us channel surfing on the web when we are computing!! Lets keep our radio listening local too!


NWOBHM and the trail it left behind!

New Wave of British Heavy Metal

Not as Scientific at it sounds and no Chemical formula. Just a gaggle of not very pretty men (and women) singing what I would call ‘grebo’ rock. A good solid beat, grinding guitar and an understandable, (if not sometimes tedious and boring as fuck) vocal. I have in mind Iron Maidens “run to the hills” at this point. Another Costner movie perhaps?

All the Denim cut off stinky rock fans, adorned with sown on patches and badly written sharpie logos, who had no clue what to  (or how to) wash their hair with, were into this particular genre of rock.

I still haven’t figured out whether or not AC/DC count, after all the brothers Young were spawned in Scotland and Brian Johnson is definitely a Jordie! I’ll leave it open for debate. Of course there is no denying that Judas Priest, Saxon, Iron Maiden and Girlschool all fall into this category.

Now I have absolutely nothing against NWOBHM. I Saw Saxon and Iron Maiden live and I have had a conversation with the gloriously Brum Rob Halford (sans leather, which was odd), but I do insist that you take care of you personal hygiene. If you are going to have long hair at least wash it. Please, have your Mum launder your beer, mud and piss stained denim at least weekly and cut (or clean under) your nails, you disgusting Grebo slob.

You can bet your ass Biff Byford washed his hair, his wife was a hairdresser and Angus Young (still debating) had to shower after every gig, he generated more sweat than Michael Moore eating a bucket of Vindaloo.

In this day and age, in North America (Canada at least) this is not (THANK GOD) a very widespread look. occasionally I spot a Grebo, but it really is few and far between and while NWOBHM is still pretty popular over here, so is taking a shower and grooming in general!

I hear Dove doesn’t dry out your skin and Herbal Essences makes you come!