Educators or Dictators? Bullying in Schools!

My Daughter IS a Musician.

She attends weekly drumming lessons and has taught herself Electric Guitar and Bass, with quite stunning results.

My Daughter is currently dressing like Dave Grohl/Eddie Vedder, Circa 93. Not pretty for a 12-year-old girl. However she is clean and her clothes are too!

Unfortunately, this appears to not be to the liking to one of my Daughters Junior High Teachers.

I have had my say on books and judging by covers before, but when it concerns family and/or even close friends then I get bloody serious.

Of course, my Daughter relates everything to music. During a discussion in class in the past week or so ‘competition’ was the subject. My Daughter chose to use Fender and Gibson as examples and was immediately shot down in flames. It made perfect sense to me and I fail to understand why that would be wrong. These two companies are indeed competitors, in the biggest sense! She had her opinion and it was seemingly incorrect, so when the class was participating in discussion further, my Daughter chose to remain silent. This then became a problem as she was not getting involved in class! Damned if you do and worse when you don’t.

My Daughter spoke in class…..what child doesn’t? Unfortunately, my child was held back at shouted at and then in her next lesson was made to take a time out in the hallway, for the same incident as happened two days prior!

My Daughter is at 86% in all her classes and is being made to look like a trouble causer! Not a single one of my Daughters Teachers, other than the one I describe, can even liken her to the person that this particular “Educator” is describing.


My Daughter does not want to attend School for fear she will be embarrassed, belittled and made to look stupid in front of her Peers. I don’t blame her one bit.

Discipline and Time-Out are done on the QT! SO they appear non-existent and then my Daughter is a liar if she reports these incidents!


When addressed by this person, my Daughter is constantly told to push her hair back. Unfortunately, it naturally falls in her face!

If another child was treating my Daughter this way I am pretty sure the Bully would have been dealt with by now. Child Bullies are however not Unionised! There are posters in the school urging students to report bullying. Just for show?

As I previously described in a piece I wrote regarding a Mother who was un impressed with the way her child chose to present herself, music is a way of life. It is Art, Expression and Personal choice. It is not a Rebellion! It is not to be held in judgement.

Now, I am not generally one to judge, but when all this is coming from a ‘Twin set and Pearls’ type person, one with little of their own style and one who conforms to societies “proper” expectations, I am going to get concerned!

This is not Sloane Square, it’s Carnaby Street and the gloves are off!


Cornhill Vaults, Lincoln, England, Circa 1986/9

Suicide Stars, Libertine Lips, Tayma, Lovechild, Gun Metal Blue, The Antibodies…

These are the names of a few bands that caught my attention when I first started hanging out with the Rock crowd in Lincoln in my mid teens.

I still have recordings on cassette from a few of them, not to mention a radio interview….Dave ‘spikey’ Wildman!!

Aaahhhh memories. I have deduced from these memories that I had (OK, I still do) a penchant for Bassists and Drummers! Nuff said!

I have Rick Allens fingernail!


When I was younger my filter was much less well honed than now. I still say what I think, but I look to see who is listening first!

One particular evening, many moons ago, myself and my BFF were at the return to Sheffield gig for Def Leppard. The first of two (We attended both). Tesla were the support band.

Def Leppard (apart from Phil Collen and now Vivienne Campbell) are all natives of Sheffield, UK. A stones throw from my hometown of Lincoln, UK.

So, me and my buddy were in our seats and of course beer had been consumed (possibly in huge quantities) and tongues were loose.

The guy in front of me, from out of nowhere and for no apparent reason other than he liked to hear himself rant,  announces that he is in possession of Rick Allen’s fingernail. Of course my smart mouth could not resist the retort of “if you had waited a while, you could have had his whole fucking arm”.

OK, so it was not really a nice thing to say, but the thing that made it especially ghastly was that Rick Allen’s Mum happened to be in the seat to my right, along with all the bands parents!

I would like to apologise. I was young and drunk and I meant no harm or foul.




Courtney Hate

I am a big believer in respect.

Respect your elders, respect your peers, respect fellow artists.

In my opinion, Courtney (I was married to Kurt Cobain) Love does not share my view.

I realize that by writing this, I could be the subject of a massive lawsuit, because I have ‘slandered’ the Artist formerly known as Billy Corrigans girlfriend (despite the fact that he already had a girlfriend).

Like I said, my opinion is just that!

During a recent Sao Paolo gig, Ms Love had a furious rant on stage. She stormed off the stage Axl Rose style and then insisted the audience chant “Foo Fighters are gay” in order that she re-appear on stage.

She accused Dave Grohl of taking food from the table of herself and her daughter and hinted that he had been fired from Nirvana by her now deceased husband, Kurt Cobain.

Personally I find this behaviour extremely rude, arrogant, immature and disrespectful. Not just to Dave Grohl, but to her late husband and their daughter Frances Bean Cobain. None of the aforementioned were apparent to voice an opinion.

As a Hole fan it has really made me extremely angry. I really love their sound, but not their voice!

Is this behaviour not what we are fighting against in schools and on the Internet. The homophobic rant is especially despicable. Is no-one representing Courtney watching the news and paying attention to all the teens out there suffering from persecution because of their sexual orientation, beliefs and the way they look?

Lady, you really should take a look at the way you present yourself in public, because from where I am standing, right now you are getting it all wrong, on ALL levels!

Of course, as no stranger to public outbursts and foul behaviour, I doubt that Ms Love will ever see the wood for the trees and the habitual slagging of Dave Grohl will continue to fester inside like a huge, puss filled boil, while Ms Love continues to attempt to perfect herself on the outside with surgery.

The Crue, The Pumpkins

Bastardization of band names pisses me off.
It is Mötley Crüe, Smashing Pumpkins and Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and The Scorpions, OLP!
End rant!

Guns n Roses

Slash has to be one of the friendliest guys you could ever meet.
I’m not sure the same could be said for his red haired adversary. I’m not going to say that Axl Rose is not a nice guy, but we have all heard the rumors and stories. I have personally seen him spit a huge pacifier on stage!

Guns n Roses WERE the band of the late 80’s.
Appetite for Destruction was THE Rock album, from the grim, yet fascinating cover, to the actual sex noises contained within, of Axl and his then girl.
It has NO failings in my meagre opinion.
There was also the 12″ released around the same era. Who wouldn’t sing along to I used to love her a beautiful yet morbid song of a love once strong and now failed.
Of course a unit with so many strong personalities and a frontman who was never really understanding of the word compromise, is never gonna last past the six month shag. It was an accident waiting to happen.
Civil War and November Rain songs from subsequent releases were beautiful, strong and meaningful songs. Not on the level of raw and fiesty from Appetite, but relavent all the same.
Unfortunately every band has pretty much a two ballad limit and then it’s all over!

I don’t understand the musicians who joined Axl’s Guns n Roses post Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven/Matt.

The nucleus was destroyed and a plethora of random session musicians, all controlled by a red haired, unstable drama queen a good band does not make.
I am not for a second suggesting that any of the subsequent musicians are not good at what they do. Quite the contrary.
But I absolutely believe the saying “let sleeping dogs lie” is pretty relevant here.

28 members is a rock opera/orchestra not a frigging rock band. It’s proposterous.

OK so your guitarist dies of a heroin od, replace him. Your drummer loses an arm in a car wreck, re- build him (and his kit), but to replace every original member at least twice. It is overkill and Narcissism taken to the limit is it not?

Vince Neil tours as Vince Neil when he is not crooning for Motlëy Crüe.
Axl, it may be time to go solo, Guns n Roses died when Slash, Duff and Matt saw the light and ran for it.

Guns n Roses in the original line-up (I include Matt as Steven checked out) were nothing short of brilliant.

Velvet Revolver are a great band too, don’t you agree!

TUFF: American Hair Band

This, in my opinion is a Classic.

Stevie Rachelle is, in my opinion a lyrical genius!


This is Tuff singing Dear Jani Lane Sad, but true!

On a lighter note here is Warrant singing “Ode to Tipper Gore”