Art of Dying

My interview with Greg Bradley, guitarist and founding member of Vancouver band, Art of Dying!


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TATTOO Van Halen

Van Halen are back. They are singing about a Tattoo. VERY rawk n roll.

Dave/David Lee Roth is with them!

Bizarre as it may be, it appears that he is not bald. Although I seem to remember him with significant hair loss back in the 90’s!

I have only listened to the new song ‘Tattoo’ once. As one would expect, it sounds just like Van Halen! Eddie can still play guitar and the previously mentioned Mr Lee Roth can still sing, although he does sound like his dentures are loose!

Benjamin Button has also become a member of the group! (Wolfgang VH)

I’m not hooked and I won’t be going to see them on tour.

I am quite sure that 40 something year old men, will be wanking themselves to sleep at night because their guitar god is back at ‘er! Let ’em have it!


Merch trade on Tumblr

A mention for the young Grungers in the music universe.

Side Projects!

When George Formby played ‘Leaning on a Lamp post’ and strummed along on his Ukelele, it wasn’t hip.

Eddie Vedder releases a “Ukelele” cd and Grunge Tweens go mad for it!

I was recently assisted by my 12 year old to spend $140 on “side project” cd’s. One week AFTER Christmas.
With cunning and wit she spotted them, side project after side project, in nooks and crannies around HMV, collecting an arm full before I had a chance to say “Chris Cornells chest is magnificent”.

Personally I had no idea that the ‘Side Project’ business was quite as lucrative.

OK, Dave Grohl drumming for ‘Them Crooked Vultures’ is not really on the same level.

I will be making myself more ‘aware’ of who is doing what from now on and I will be avoiding non necessary trips to HMV with Tweens in tow!