The Cult. Choice Of Weapon

Critics…. before you start you mindless slather and attempts to nullify all that The Cult were, are and will be, the following has to be said.  

Ian Astbury can still sing.  He sounds no different than he did on Fire Woman, Love Removal Machine and Wild Flower.  He puts his all into this record. It is raw, real and it rocks. 

Ian Astbury  Billy Duffy  John Tempesta  Chris Wyse is the current line-up of The Cult and has been since 2006.  That makes for a pretty tight knit bond and a stability that some musicians can only ever dream of.  It is reflected in this Chris Goss and Bob Rock produced piece that is already hot news on the lips of the big guns of music.

Choice of Weapon is current. The Cult are obviously not making an attempt to re-capture days gone by. Of course if you were a Cult fan back in the day, then it is in no doubt that you will remain loyal with the release of this record.  However, it is certain to hypnotize and attract more than a good few new fans with it’s unique melodies and a voice that can only be compared to chocolate, drizzled over vanilla ice cream, with sprinkles for that added kick. 

The Cult. Here and Now! 



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