New video for 2013 to Rival 2012



Rival Sons. Pressure and time


This funny little place in Espace has allowed me to become acquainted with so many interesting, artistic and intelligent people. I haven’t categorised him yet, but I would take this opportunity to thank “THAT” Eric Alper for affording me his time, insight and cd’s! Thanks you 🙂

I have, just this second opened Rival Sons, Pressure and Time and I am already hearing ‘Jim Morrison’ of ‘ The Doors’ in the vocal and a touch of ‘Jimi Hendrix’ in the form of the guitar, not to mention a little ‘Rod Stewart’ when he was the Face of ‘The (small) Faces’. Naturally that leads us to Quireboys (London) in the 80’s and an ending of the first song “All over the road” that almost had me standing up to do The Time Warp! A lot of influence and sound in one song. Maybe a touch of overkill?

“Young love” has definitely been visited by the ghost of Jim Morrison in the voice of Jay Buchanan, eerily so.

Here comes a strong Robert Plant  influenced vocal to cover “Pressure and Time” with a backing vocal delivered by the ‘Four Tops’. This record has obvious influences from the 1960’s vocal,  to the very present day in the Slashesque (Can I use that Eric?)guitar.

There is enough Disco to keep it boogy, enough rock to make your head nod just enough that there is no lasting damage.

The vocal on “Only One” is reminiscent of Black Crows crooner Chris Robinson, gravelly and seductive, but Robert Plant is still hanging out in the background. I might have to slow dance with the dog if this continues (there isn’t a man in the house at this time).

I’m going to be driving the Alberta Highways to “Get mine” and “Burn Down Los Angeles” …..cranked loud. A couple of excellent ‘highway driving’ songs and not too soon, here comes another in “Save Me”.

I’m still hearing Robert Plant, but David Coverdale appears to be popping up here and there too.

Again, I hear a lot more Hendrix in “Gypsy Heart” and “White Noise” and a shock in the form of a seemingly Beatle influenced song, the last on the list, “Face of Light”.

This CD is going to be played a lot in my house. Not by me so much, but my very heavily, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Doors and Beatles influenced 12-year-old. This will be an instant hit with her for sure! She will appreciate more than me the mix of guitar sounds and 60’s/70’s vocal.

These guys would possibly be well placed as live support for the likes of ‘The Tragically Hip’, ‘Pink Floyd/Roger Waters’ and perhaps even ‘Radiohead’ or ‘The Foo Fighters’. They are a grown-ups band and would be best placed in front of an audience that really get it musically and have left puberty behind in the bike sheds, youth clubs and bus shelters.